What is New Student Orientation?
New Student Orientation is a 2-day program designed to help new students transition smoothly into the ACU community.  During these two days, new students will participate in fun and informative activities to prepare for the upcoming year.

Who should attend New Student Orientation?
New Student Orientation is for all new freshmen and transfer students living on and off-campus.

When is New Student Orientation?
New Student Orientation begins with check-in on Friday, August 11 at 8:00 A.M and end the evening of Saturday, August 12.  Click here for a full schedule of New Student Orientation.

What will I do at New Student Orientation?
New Student Orientation is intended to be informative, but it also one of the most exciting weeks of the year! You will be introduced to the resources needed to be a successful student at Arizona Christian University, as well as meet new friends and discover how to get involved.

Do I have to attend every New Student Orientation session?
Yes, all new students are required to come to all of the student sessions during orientation weekend. You will stick with you Flock (orientation group) throughout the sessions and activities.

Can parents come to New Student Orientation?
Parents and families are more than welcome to help their students check-in, move-in, and attend the annual President’s Lunch on Friday.  Additionally, ACU will be hosting two special parent sessions to help parents and families prepare for the upcoming year.  At the conclusion of these sessions, we ask that parents say their final goodbyes Friday afternoon in order to allow students to meet their new classmates and attend important sessions.

What is Week of Welcome (WOW)?
Beginning on the Sunday evening before the first day of classes, Week of Welcome (WOW) is the official kick-off to the new academic year!  WOW involves a week of fun events for the entire ACU community.  Events include the Annual Firestorm Roundup, Clash-n-Bowl, CrackerJax, and more.

Does WOW cost anything?
No, all of the WOW events are sponsored by the University.  For some events, space is limited to the first 150 or 200 students, so be sure to arrive early!

When is WOW?
WOW begins on Sunday, August 13 and ends on Sunday, August 20. Click here for a full schedule of WOW events.

Who should attend WOW?
All ACU students!

Do I have to attend every WOW session?
We encourage all students to attend as many WOW events as possible in order to meet new friends and start the new academic year off right!  While all New Student Orientation events are mandatory for new students, WOW events are not.