Living On Campus

The Res Hall

That’s what students call our 3-story dormitory building. The Res Hall is situated at the southeast end of campus, overlooking the baseball field and Student Activity Center (SAC) where classes and events are held. Students build lifetime friendships and memories in this building. Living on campus is a central part of the community experience at ACU.

Benefits of Living on Campus

Living on campus is an important part of the educational experience at Arizona Christian University. We believe your on-campus living participation will overall positively affect your college experience in a number of ways. For instance, you will be more likely to graduate and will perform better in the classroom because you will have easier access to resources on campus and community to support you in your efforts. You will have more opportunities for deep, meaningful, and influential relationships with other students, faculty, and staff across campus.  Other benefits include learning important life lessons like conflict resolution, cultural awareness, interpersonal and communication skills to name a few.

How to Apply for Housing

When an applicant is approved for admission into Arizona Christian University, he/she will be granted access to our online student portal, MyACU where he/she will gain access to our housing website. They can create an account and submit an online Housing Application. Once you have submitted your Housing Application, you will be sent an email on how to pay your Housing Application Fee. This is a one-time fee that completes the application process.

Housing Costs 2018-2019

Floor   Room style Cost / Semester
First Floor Studio Style: Fits up to 3 people with kitchen $3,150
Second and Third Floor Suite Style: Fits up to 6 people with kitchenette, double bathroom. $2,655
Third Floor Suite Style: Fits 7-8 people with kitchenette, double bathroom. $2,150

Meal Plans 2018-2019

Plan Cost / Semester
10 Meal Plan Option 10 Meals Weekly $2,100
15 Meal Plan Option 15 Meals Weekly $2,367
19 Meal Plan Option 19 Meals Weekly $2,637

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to live at home with my parents, but I’m under 21?

Because you are under 21, you will need to go through the petition process. This is a 2 step process:

  1. Fill out the online Housing Exemption Petition Application (located on the housing website)
  2. Submit a Parent’s Letter of Verification to the Office of Residence Life for documentation and verification purposes.
What if I want to live off campus and I am over the age of 21? Do I have to do anything?

No. You will not need to submit any documentation to the Office of Residence Life since you are not required to live on campus based on your age.

What if I can’t afford to live on campus but I am required to?

Talk to the Financial Aid Office for help and advice on loan and scholarship options. Keep in mind that it is a common misconception that living on campus is more costly than living off campus. Although the bottom line price seems high, often times living on campus saves you money in the long run, when you take into consideration monthly rent, furnishing an apartment, food, utilities, internet, and cost of commute.

What are some of the benefits of living on campus? listed 7 different Benefits of Campus Living of those 7 included research that supports these statements:

1. Get better grades.
2. Assure graduating.
3. Forge lasting friendships.
4. Expand your social life on campus.
5. Save money.
6. Cut out the commute
7. Access campus and student sponsored events.

When do I get my housing and roommate assignment?

Housing assignments are typically emailed out at the beginning of July. Because so many changes happen over the summer, we like to send out housing assignments once things are completely finalized. The residence life team will communicate with you by email if any changes have to be made. If you have any questions about housing assignments, please feel free to contact the residence life office.

When do I move in?

New students and returning students move in the weekend before the first day of school. This will allow you plenty of time to get settled before classes start. More detailed information will be given to you during the summer after you have been assigned a room.

Who will be my roommate?

During the application process you will be asked a number of roommate preferences type questions along with some questions about you. We have a really cool computer system that looks for the best match within other recently submitted applications. We use the computer suggestions along with personally reviewing every match to give roommate matches the best care as we can.  Some will request a friend as a roommate, and we will do everything possible to honor these requests. If you would like to make a specific roommate request, please send your request to [email protected] Remember, part of the formational learning experience of joining the ACU community is the opportunity to meet and live with new friends from diverse backgrounds.

What should I bring?

The “What to Bring Checklist” is a great reference when shopping for living on campus at ACU. You do not have to bring everything on the list and, in fact, we highly suggest you find out what your roommate is bringing before you bring items in the “other popular items” column. You can also check the Residence Life Handbook to see what you are allowed to bring to ACU and what we ask you to leave at home. If you still have questions on whether something is allowed or not, please contact us at [email protected].

What furniture is already in my room?

Campus residences are supplied with minimal furniture by the University. These items include beds, chairs, desks, chest of drawers, microwave, and refrigerators. Students are permitted to rearrange bedroom furniture that best meets their needs, but all provided furniture MUST remain in the room. Storage will not be provided for furniture not used in a room. Rooms on the first floor of the residence hall have kitchen and stove. The 2nd and 3rd floors of the Resident Hall do have a small kitchenette with no stove. Ample closet space is provided; however, students should not expect to have closet space for excessive storage. Residents should provide all other personal items.

All residents must sign a Release and Waiver of Liability form. This form is located on the back of the Residence Hall Room Inventory & Condition Report that you will complete at the time you check-in.

We highly encourage you to attend a Future Firestorm Event hosted by the Admissions Office. These events will allow you to get a glimpse of what you can expect living on campus.

Where do I do laundry?

There is a laundry room on the second floor of both the men’s wing and the women’s wing of the residence hall. In each laundry room you will find four washing machines and five dryers. These machines are brand new as of Fall 2016 and FREE to on-campus residents, machines require only a push start (NO QUARTERS!).

Do you have married student housing?

In the past we have had the opportunity to be able to house married students in our on-campus apartments. Unfortunately, because of growth in our traditional student numbers, we no longer have the space available to house married students. If you have any questions, please contact the Residence Life office.

How do meal plans work and how do I get one?

A meal plan is required for all ACU on-campus students. The board rates are established on the basis of a 10, 15 or 19 meal plan, seven days a week. If you do not use all of the allotted meals by the end of the week, they will not roll-over to the following week. The meal plan you select through your housing application for the fall semester will automatically roll over to the spring semester. Commuter residents have the option to purchase a meal plan. Meal plans can be purchased online though the housing website.

What happens if I don't use up all of my meals by the end of each week?

Unused meals are not refundable, as they are part of your contract meal plan and expire at the end of each week. The meal plan you select for the fall will rollover for the spring semester as well.

How safe is on-campus housing?

Arizona Christian University has a Campus Safety Department that is dedicated solely to keeping our campus and residence hall safe. There is a guard on duty 24/7/365 to protect the community. Click Here to be directed to our Campus Safety page to learn more.

Are there curfews for on-campus housing?

Housing policies regulate visitation by the opposite sex during certain hours, but there are no curfews for any student. For visitation policies please see the Residence Life Handbook.

What other policies do you have?

We are intentional about keeping our community safe and protected which means we are intentional about our policies. All of our policies have been put in place with our community’s best interest in mind. If you would like to review ACU policies that are specific to the Residence Life department please see the Residence Life Handbook.

Residence Life Staff

Wendy Clyde

Director of Residence Life

 [email protected] |  602-489-5300 x3504 The Director of Residence Life provides leadership and direction for the residence life department. She is responsible for overseeing the supervision, training and development of the Resident Director and Resident Assistants as well as programming efforts for the department. She oversees the administration and management of all of the housing policies and contracts. She has a desire to help students be successful in college, not solely in the classroom, but outside of the classroom as well; relationally, personally, and spiritually.

Donlan Page

Resident Director

 [email protected] |  602-489-5300 x3506

The Resident Director (RD) provides support to the Director of Residence Life and overall on-campus community at ACU. He is a valuable resource to the residents for mentoring, discipleship, and crisis intervention. He is a great resource for students if they are having a difficult time transitioning to life in the residence hall or having roommate conflict throughout the year, he is available to support and talk with students (and parents) at any time.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student leaders who desire to facilitate community on campus. Community is formed when students begin to experience life together. Resident Assistant positions exist to intentionally create and develop trusting relationships with students on their floor while at the same time providing opportunities for students to connect with one another. This is often done through floor activities, peer counseling, bible studies, mentoring, and ultimately being aware of and meeting the needs of the residents on the hall.