Tony Bryson, Ph.D.


B.A., Arizona State University

M.A., University of Iowa

Ph.D., University of Oxford  



Dr. Tony Bryson has a BA (summa cum laude) in Philosophy from Arizona State University (2002), and a MA and PhD in Philosophy from the University of Iowa (2005, 2009). He also earned a MSt in Philosophical Theology from the University of Oxford (2015). His research focuses on issues in epistemology and philosophy of religion and he has presented papers defending his ideas at conferences across the U.S. and England. He is also deeply interested in the work of Augustine, Anselm, and Descartes. Recently, his paper “Calvinism, Self-Attestation, and Apathy Toward Arguments from Evil” was published in Calvinism and the Problem of Evil.

Before coming to ACU, Dr. Bryson taught philosophy for 9 years at South Central College in southern Minnesota.

During his 9th and (thankfully) final Minnesota winter, Dr. Bryson was hired in January 2016 by ACU as an Associate Professor and Director of the CORE – ACU’s liberal arts curriculum. Dr. Bryson passionately shares the University’s vision for reclaiming the liberal arts in a Christian context. Dedicated to collaboration and classroom excellence, he oversees both new curriculum development and CORE implementation and administration. Dr. Bryson lives in north Phoenix with his wife Kacy (married 2004) and their two sons Ethan and Emry. In his so-called “free-time” he likes to play the piano, compose music, and look pensive.