Linnea Lyding, Ed.D.

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Ed.D., Arizona State University

M.Ed., Northern Arizona University

B.S., Northern Arizona University


Dr. Linnea J. Lyding is an associate professor and the department chair of the Education Department at Arizona Christian University (ACU).  Since coming to ACU in 2012, Dr. Lyding has been a champion for excellence in the department.  Based on her knowledge of the complexity of classroom teaching, she redesigned the student teaching experience to maximize ACU student learning.  She has focused her passion for Excellence in Teaching and Learning both in the education classes she teaches and in workshops that she has presented to ACU faculty and adjuncts.  Dr. Lyding is also instrumental in designing the new Early Childhood Emphasis.

Prior to coming to ACU, her teaching background consists of 18 years of elementary school teaching in the Phoenix area.  She taught in both the public and private sector with children from diverse backgrounds.  She also worked as a teacher of teachers in the elementary school setting, in seminar presentations, and in teaching adjunct classes for ACU, Northern Arizona University (NAU), and Arizona State University (ASU).

She completed her doctorate in Leadership and Innovation at ASU in the spring of 2012.  For her dissertation and final action research, she worked with teachers in her school to incorporate movement and gestures (embodied cognition) in their instruction to increase student engagement, enjoyment, and learning.  She has two articles that are scheduled to be published in the fall of 2014 about teaching with movement.

Her earlier degrees are both from NAU where she earned a M. Ed. in elementary education with a specialization in reading, and a B.S. degree with a dual major in special education and early childhood education with an emphasis in learning disabilities.

Her desire to teach at the collegiate level stems from her passion to see all children succeed in school.  She loves to work with children, watch them overcome obstacles, and learn to love school.  However, after teaching a seminar to teachers, Lyding had a participant come up and tell her that she learned more about teaching reading in the two-hour seminar than she had learned in all four years in college.  This is when Lyding realized that she could help more children by working with aspiring teachers.

Dr. Lyding enjoys working with her colleagues to train up teachers who are experts in their field and love the Lord.  When asked about this, Dr. Lyding responded,

“This combination will provide them [ACU students] with a platform to impact others for Christ.  As Christians, we need to be a light for Christ.  Well-educated, Biblically sound teachers can have an effective, positive influence on their peers, as well as on their students.  What better way to impact the world than by being an excellent teacher!”

Dr. Lyding has been married for over 30 years to her best friend and strongest advocate, Chris Lyding.  She and her husband are active members of Moon Valley Bible Church which they helped plant in 1997.  They have three daughters who all graduated from Christian Universities and are now living in Arizona.  She is also on the board of RISE Inc., an organization that supports individuals with disabilities.



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