Arizona Christian University Music Programs are designed to recognize and develop God given talents within each individual.  Our Faculty and staff are committed to design a customized program that nurtures, cultivates, and facilitates the creative, musical and spiritual growth of each student.

What We Offer

Our goal is to offer a Biblically integrated music education that prepares students for ministry and professional occupations.  All music majors acquire core skills in music theory, ear training, basic piano, music history, music technology, and private lesson instruction.  Each Semester students are required to participate in performance ensembles that might include, Praise Bands, Advance Bands, Chorale, Vocal Ensembles, Jazz Band, and Musical Theatre.  The Music Department offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Music with numerous emphases.

Bachelors of Science in Music

This emphasis is designed to equip students for advanced studies in music. In this program you will gain a strong foundation with Music Theory, Music History, Conducting, Ensemble Performance and focused study of your Primary Instrument. Other music elective classes could include Music based Technology, Composition and Orchestration, Worship Music, and Music Education. You will graduate having completed course work necessary to qualify for Graduate level Master Programs.

Bachelors of Science in Music with Concentration in Modern Worship

In this program students will develop the discipline and skills needed to fulfill the role of Worship Leader in a Modern Church. You will study Worship Leading, Praise Band development and rehearsal techniques, worship planning, song arrangement, technologies used in music production, recording and development of customized Backing Tracks, and develop a personal and Biblically based Philosophy of Worship. All ACU programs emphasize a strong foundation in Theory, Private Voice and instrumental development, with ample opportunities for weekly participation in Praise Bands and other performing ensembles.

Bachelors of Science in Music with Concentration in Ministry

Similar to the Modern Worship Degree, students will be prepared to work in a Church setting fulfilling the role as Worship Pastor. In addition to some exposure to modern styles of worship, the focus will be on Traditional worship forms. This program will give you the professional skills needed to plan and facilitate worship experiences, build and administrate a Worship Department, direct a choir, rehearse and lead a Praise Band and develop a Biblical based Philosophy of Worship.

Bachelors of Science in Music with Concentration in Music Technology

This program is designed for musicians that require the tools of music technology to develop their Art. You will receive a strong musical foundation and learn the technical knowledge to compose, multitrack record, digital audio edit, MIDI program, and mix and Master on Digital Audio Workstations. When you graduate you will have the analytical and professional skills for a music production focused career such as Producer, Music Director (MD), recording and mix engineer, studio musician, composer and arranger, and more.

Bachelors of Science in Music with Concentration in Theory and Composition

Gain the knowledge to become an arranger, orchestrator, composer and songwriter. This program will give you a strong and comprehensive foundation in music theory and analysis. You will also acquire the skills to use modern technology to notate, orchestrate, develop and record your musical ideas. Courses in Arranging, Orchestration, Private Composition Lessons, and Film Scoring will prepare you to fulfill your musical goals.

Bachelors of Science in Music with Concentration in Vocal Performance: Classical Voice

This program prepares students for work as vocal artists in the Classical genre, and as foundation for private voice studio.  You will learn traditional aspects of vocal technique, performance practice in solo and ensemble classical styles, and preparation for professional auditions.  You will graduate having completed course work necessary to qualify for Graduate level Master Programs.

Bachelors of Science in Music with Concentration in Vocal Performance: Commercial Voice

This emphasis prepares students for work as vocal artists in the commercial music industry or in a modern church worship setting. Instruction in contemporary music styles, including jazz, pop/rock, and musical theater, will prepare you to develop an understanding of music theory and practice in these various genres and styles. Through cross training using classical vocal models alongside jazz and rock vocal models students you will be encouraged to develop your own unique voice with special attention given to voice health and function. Additional coursework includes band development, rehearsal, recording, arranging, and performing.

Bachelors of Science in Music with Concentration in Music Education

This Program is designed for students wanting to teach music in Charter or Public schools. You will receive a strong musical foundation in Theory, History, Private Lesson instruction, and Performance Ensemble experiences. You will also develop skills in General, Choral, and Instrumental Methods.

NOTE: To teach in a Public school you will need to include Education as a double major or enter a Post Baccalaureate Education program (this generally requires an additional year with coursework and student teaching).

Bachelors of Science in Music with Concentration in Piano Performance (Coming Fall 2018)

This program prepares students for work as piano accompanist, performer, concert pianist, and delivers a teaching foundation for private piano studio. You will learn to play traditional and contemporary performance styles. Additional concentration will focus on healthy piano technique, practical and essential piano skills, collaborative piano and
accompanist studies, sight reading, etc. This is a practical and well rounded program that prepares Pianist to succeed in a diverse musical culture.

Program Objectives

Courses will enable music graduates to:

  1. Demonstrate musicianship mastery in: Theory (reading, singing, analyzing, composing), History (events and style characteristics by time period), and Literature (genre, composer and representative works).
  1. Exhibit career specific music technology skills to write music, produce live or recorded music, and share music.
  1. Present excellent solo and ensemble performances that are self-committed audience-communicative, and collaborative.  Excellence applies to all performance arenas in music.
  1. Express a biblically oriented philosophy of music and its application in chosen participation areas of church, ministry and education.
  1. Apply training to determine career goals, take steps into selected field, and establish a life-long learning plan.

What can I do with a degree from the Music program?

  • Band Member (Rock, Jazz, Pop)
  • Choir Conductor
  • Composer and Arranger
  • Conductor
  • Graduate School
  • Music Director
  • Music Teacher (Charter or Public School)
  • Piano Accompanist
  • Private Studio Teacher
  • Producer
  • Professional Musician
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Studio Mix Engineer
  • Studio Recording Musician
  • Vocal Performer (opera, musical theatre, etc.)
  • Worship Arts Director
  • Worship Leader
Gerald Fercho, M.A.

Gerald Fercho, M.A.

Music Department Chair

[email protected]

Gerald comes to ACU as assistant professor of Music and Chair for the Department of Music.  He brings a wealth of music performance, recording and production, and practical worship experience to the University.  Before coming to ACU Gerald was on staff as Worship Leader for over 20 year at a local Valley church.  Furthermore, he owns and operates a recording studio that has recorded Local and National Artists since the 90’s.  In addition to Chair and Teaching duties at the University, he continues to stay involved in recording projects and church music leadership. Currently, Gerald is the Music Director for the Saturday service at Scottsdale Bible Church.

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