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A Discourse on the Month of Love

February has always been a weird month for me. I'm slightly colorblind, and it has always offered the challenge of a thousand different shades of red to quantify and explore. Most hearts posted over archways would be a dark and vibrant maroon, or so I'm told. All these shades of red form an annual sea of hallmark symbolism...

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One More Crazy Story

So far I've been on this earth for 20 short, quirky years. I say quirky because I am thoroughly convinced God does not write normal stories, only beautiful ones. Most of my life has been the drawn out story of falling in love with Jesus, but one of the sub-plots has been falling in love with nations.

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Greater Things Are Yet To Come

I suppose the best beginning merited is an introduction. My name is Cole Dulas, and I'm this year's "Urban Outreach Coordinator." This is our first year venturing into a city-focused campus driven ministry, and it's been an adventure...

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