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Prayer Branham

Prayer Branham

Email | (602) 386-4181

I’m honored and thankful for the opportunity to serve students at Arizona Christian University. Attending college is a life changing decision for students and families, I’m privileged to be a part of the decision making process. Our staff and faculty here are committed to the growth of each student whether that’s academically or spiritually. Here at ACU we’re family! We strive to transform lives with God’s love and biblical teachings. As an Alumni, I can’t express my gratitude enough on how ACU has transformed my life.

Caio Lima

Caio Lima

Email | (602) 386-4108

As a recent graduate of Arizona Christian University and being an international coming from Brazil. I am very fortunate to work in such of great environment, where I spent the last 2 years of my school and soccer career. I try to improve everyday on my own skills so I can be able to represent ACU the best way out there. It fascinates me getting to know new people, prospective students and their families and showing them the best model of an University. A place where you can definitely lead you to the right direction, thinking as a future parent, that is what I would seek for my children. ACU is here to provide you all that, a good future for your children making them grow academically and spiritually. Transforming Culture with Truth, the real truth to share the word of God through the gospels. I am here to help whoever is in need, so do not hesitate to set up an appointment and come visit us, so I can share a little of my story at ACU.

Chelsea Oglebay

Chelsea Oglebay

Email | (602) 386-4116

I remember how exciting, yet intimidating the college search process can be. It is a huge time in a student’s life and I am so privileged to be a part of it. As an alumni, I can say with full confidence that here at ACU we are family! Professors are passionate not only about your academic success, but also your spiritual growth.  The students here create an atmosphere of belonging and acceptance. I am so thankful to be a part of a university that not only teaches about the love of God, but more importantly lives it out on a daily basis.

Kristi Hayes

Kristi Hayes

Senior Admissions Counselor

Email | (602) 386-4182

It is an honor to work for a university which is involved in refining and challenging students to grow in their specific callings. The vision of this school is lived out daily, as faculty leads students to grow deeper in their walk. Students encourage one another as well, which is evident as you spend time on campus! As a recent ACU alumni and former soccer player, I can personally testify to the impact this school and the community has had on my college experience and my future. Transferring from a community college to ACU, I understand the time and energy spent on finding a school and getting started. My commitment as a counselor is to ensure the process runs smoothly and quickly. I am excited to help others find their calling at Arizona Christian University just like I was able to do.

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Firestorm Friday @ Arizona Christian University
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